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Granada by Bike or on Foot

A fun and active way to explore the city & its inhabitants! Discover the oldest town in the Americas and admire its colonial houses and ancient monuments.
2 hours – $15 per person, minimum of 2 people

Horse City Trip

A relaxing way to see Granada. Take a tour in a traditional horse carriage. This way you can sit back and relax while admiring the beautiful colonial city of Granada. Your guide will tell you about the history, culture and people of the city.
2 hours – $20 p/p, minimum of 2 people

Coffee Trip

Learn more about the whole process of coffee production, from the planting of the seeds until it is ready to drink. Take a walk on the coffee farm where we will show you how people work.
3 hours – $30 p/p, minimum 2 people

All prices are in US dollars and based on at least two persons per trip. All trips include transportation, entrance fees, equipment and a bilingual Spanish/English speaking guide. Traveling on your own? We can look for a trip companion or talk about the price.

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tripadvisor reviews