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Cooking classes

Oaxacan cuisine is world-famous. We offer cooking classes covering food from 4 different regions of Oaxaca. The state is extensive and has so much culinary richness to offer, that we would like to introduce you to its diversity. Get to know the food traditions and ingredients of the Mazateca mountains, the high and low Mixteca, the coast and of course we include the Central Valleys, where the city of Oaxaca is situated!


13.00-18.00 hours
Subject to availability


Visit to the Sanchez Pascuas market including botana tasting of local products - Cooking class - Recipies - Food, agua del día, one alcoholic drink - Taxi to the market (we are walking back, 10 minutes downhill through an old and beautiful part of Oaxaca)

How to reserve?

There are three options:
  1. Send an email to;
  2. Fill out the contact form;
  3. Or reserve directly with the reception.
We will send you a confirmation with directions and other details.

How many people?

Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 10 people

How many pesos?

$ 1550 pesos pp with 2 people
$ 1350 pesos pp with 4-10 people

Prices include 16% VAT. Costs can be invoiced.

How to pay?

Cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery Network).
A deposit of 25% is required at the moment of booking.
The remaining amount due will be charged before the start of the class.
torta mazateca cooking class

Sierra Mazateca

Dramatic mountain-rugged Sierra Mazateca in the far northern part of Oaxaca state is home to a traditional kitchen using a lot of herbs and wild greens. Chiltepe seeds are used to make a regional version of pipián, a prehispanic sauce, that is used in many dishes, like the atole agrio. A local version of a sandwich is the torta mazateca, made with tortilla instead of bread.

  • Mazatec pipián sauce with chochoyotes and mushrooms
  • Mazatec ‘sandwich’, quesadilla with cheese, hierba santa and beans (with mushrooms or chicken)
  • Fritter with sour atole (atole of corn dough, with a touch of chile, and pipián sauce)
mole estofado cooking class

Oaxacan Coast

Not suprisingly, fish and seafood are the specialty of the Oaxacan Coast region. Gambas and fish are used in many dishes, but also nuts and seeds are popular ingredients. The mole estofado (a chicken stew containing ingredients such as olives, onion, sesame seeds, raisins, tomatoes, cloves and capers) is a great dish from this region, that has almonds as a base due to the existence of almond trees along the coast.

  • Shrimp cocktail Mexican style
  • Mole estofado: chicken or vegetable stew
  • Pimbo cookie with icecream from the local Plaza de las Nieves (‘Icecream Square’)
chileajo cooking class


The Mixteca is divided in the high and low Mixteca and is home to many chiles and herbs, due to the dryness in the lower areas and the cold in the higher planes. Dishes like chileajo (a mix of vegetables in a tomato base sauce with added garlic and chiles), caldo de panza (lining belly broth) and barbacoa (grill) are typical for this region, that is remote and difficult to cross.

  • Tortilla with eatible herbs/flowers and cheese
  • Chileajo (marinade of chili pepper with garlic and vinegar), accompanied by vegetables or pork, cabbage, and eatible herbs/flowers
  • Sweet chilacayota pumpkin
cactus leaf salad cooking class

Central Valleys

Being the most densily populated area in the state of Oaxaca, the Central Valleys have lots of cultivated land with a big variety of crops and vegetation. This is where the most intermixed and refined dishes come from. The mole amarillo is one of the 7 traditional and famous Oaxacan moles, and is an exquisite combination of sweet and spicy flavors.

  • Cactus leaf salad (nopal, tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh cheese, lemon)
  • Mole amarillo with mushrooms or chicken
  • Sweet coconut dessert
map oaxaca cooking regions

Oaxaca State regions (map: Oaxaca al Gusto, Diane Kennedy)

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