Making a difference

Education is the key for people to escape from the poverty cycle. To effectively support local communities on a long-term, we invest in education programs, internships, scholarships and employment. Our programs are focused on self-development, wellbeing and giving people a fair chance in life. Curious to how our initiatives have helped so far? Take a look at our achievements:

Tutoring programs

Through extra tutoring and self-development programs an increased the number of children gets to finish school. Not only do our students receive extra support in studying, families also get coaching in why the education is indispensable for a better future.

"The confidence that the hotel has put in me, makes me feel proud. It makes me happy being able to say that they believe in me and when I pursue a goal I can meet it."

Internships & scholarships

And after finishing school, it's time for college! We provide scholarships to help youngsters realize their dreams and welcome students to learn all about the tourism- and hospitality industry through internships.
food and beverages

Jobs & employment

Last but not least: working with Hotel Con Corazón! The hospitality industry, including our hotel provides formal employment for families to build a future. Both employees who work in our hotel as local agencies who work with us truly benefit from tourism.

What are your dreams?

"I want to continue and finish university, be able to graduate with honors."
"To work as a lawyer"
"One of my dreams is to study English, learn English so I can be a teacher."
"To be doctor, save lives, and help those who can't walk and help the sick people."
"I'd like to finish the university and to be a mechanic."
"I want to continue to learn to study and develop further."
"To learn to be a mechanic and electrician, to own a car to do tourist trips. That way I will be someone and have my own business. "
Interested in our approach or would you like to work with us?