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Education Oaxaca

Hotel con Corazón invests most of its profits in education. Our Oaxaca program supports students from low-income families in and around Oaxaca city in their education path, in order to give them a head start at the labour market and break their families' poverty cycle.

Oaxaca is the state with the second lowest education level in Mexico. On average in 2020, Oaxacans have only 8.1 years of schooling, which equals just over the second year of junior high ('secondary') school. This is almost 2 years less than on national level and more than 10 years less compared to the wealthier OECD-countries, that have an average of 18.5 years of schooling.

This lack of proper education spurs generations of people growing up in poverty. Students abandon their schooling due to a lack of economic resources and motivation, as well as a sizeable jump in difficulty level between junior high and high school that leaves them ill prepared and unmotivated. To address these problems, we developed an Education Program together with local partners, which consist of several pillars.

Motivation Program

This program is at the heart of our social mission. Our goal is to motivate and facilitate young people to start and finish high school and to guide them in their orientation to their next step in life. We do this by offering a motivation program to around 60-70 junior high and high school students, while at the same time supporting those who need it most with their school costs. This integral program is carried out by our partner organization The Oaxaca Learning Center and consists of educational guidance like tutoring, extracurricular classes, professional orientation, English classes and exam preparation. A substantial part of the program also focuses on practical skills, empowerment workshops and recreational activities, since we think those activities equally matter for a balanced development and personal growth. Involving parents in the program is of great value too, as they are important in the motivation and decision making process.
mundo de talentos in oaxaca

Vocational Orientation

We offer professional orientation to public primary school kids in Oaxaca, through a collaboration with our education partner Mundo de Talentos. This NGO from Chiapas, Mexico offers free vocational guidance to curious and motivated children who otherwise would not have access to this type of education. After a pilot in Oaxaca, carried out in the fall of 2022 and fully funded by Hotel con Corazón, Mundo de Talentos hopes to start their regular one-year Oaxaca program with 40 students at the beginning of 2023. Hotel con Corazón will stay involved as a financial partner.

Are you interested in participating in this project? Open the leaflet below to see what you can do!

Learning Space

Hotel con Corazón has its doors open as a learning space, creating a professional environment for young people to learn a trade in the hospitality industry. We actively offer apprenticeships in various hotel areas to adolescents who neither study nor work, in order to motivate them to find a job they actually like and to improve their chances in the job market. We also offer internships for public school students from Oaxaca. When you stay with us, you might have an apprentice or intern doing your check in or serving your coffee at breakfast!

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