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Hotel con Corazón invests most of its profits in education. Our Oaxaca program supports teenagers in marginalized areas around Oaxaca city in their education path, in order to give them a head start at the labour market and break their families' poverty cycle.

Research reveals that only 35% of Oaxaca state’s youth is finishing secondary school. This spurs a new generation of people growing up in poverty. Teenagers abandon their schooling due to a lack of economic resources and motivation, as well as a sizeable jump in difficulty level between secondary and high school that leaves students ill prepared and unmotivated. Together with local partners, we developed an Education Program to address this problem.

Motivational & Scholarship Program

We focus on making the transition from secondary to high school more accessible to students from marginalized areas in Zaachila Oriente, on the outskirts of Oaxaca city. We offer a scholarship for motivated students who want to go to high school, combined with a motivational program, carried out by our partner The Oaxaca Learning Center. We also offer professional orientation in the third year of secondary school to help students make a choice which high school to choose and to motivate them to continue studying.

Internship Program

Hotel con Corazón's opens its doors as a learning center. We offer internships for high school students in the hotel sector (gastronomy, reception, housekeeping, maintenance, gardening, etc.). We are also investigating the possibilities to offer work experience placements for teenagers and young adults who do not work and do not study. So there is more to come!

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