Hotel con Corazón invests its profits in education. We focus in particular on making the transition from secondary to high school more accessible to students from marginalized areas in and around Oaxaca City. Research reveals that only 35% of Oaxaca’s youth is finishing secondary school, basically for economic reasons. These kids don’t have the money to continue school, they need to provide income for the family, or education is not recognized as useful either by them or their parents.

Together with local NGOs specialized in education we will set up a program that addresses the different aspects of this problem. Think of awarding scholarships, developing motivation programs for children and parents, offering tutoring and other ways to help kids prepare for a more extended school career. At this moment we are still in the preparatory phase of our education project. As soon as we have more news, we will update this page.


Staff hotel con corazón

Staff Development

We contribute directly to the Oaxacan economy by running a profitable business that creates jobs, income and professional development opportunities for our local employees. We make sure they get a decent salary with good fringe benefits, like social securities, a free daily meal and an additional 10% of their salary to be used towards education. We encourage and support them to develop professionally by providing them opportunities and time to learn and to grow. 

We buy locally

Buying Locally

As often as possible we purchase our products from small local vendors and retailers and integrate fresh, local, seasonal ingredients in the food we prepare. In this way we also support the local economy.
Water and energy conservation

Water & Energy

Apart from using low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets - don’t worry about the water pressure, we guarantee you won’t notice! - we use a professional system to filter water from showers, wash basins and kitchen and recycle it for the toilets and garden. Solar heaters warm up your shower water and of course we manage a towel and bed linen reuse program.

Recycling and waste reduction


Reducing waste is so easy! We recycle organic waste (and compost it to fertilize our garden) and separate other waste such as plastic, glass, cans and paper. We also minimize our use of plastic as much as possible. With your help, we minimize our waste production.

Cleaning and bath products

Cleaning & Bath

The soap and shampoo in your hotel room is 100% natural and biodegradable. It is made by a cooperative of 15 families in the small village of Mazunte on Oaxaca’s coast. We’re a big fan of their products (that’s why we also sell them in our shop)!We also use biodegradable cleaning products free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

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