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Nature trips

Discover Mombacho

Discover the large variety of flora and fauna on the humid tropical forest of Mombacho volcano. Once there, you can enjoy the great view of the other volcanoes, Apoyo Lagoon, the city of Granada, Lake Nicaragua, and of the islands.

Different options – depending on your prefrered trail $30 to 65 p/p, minimum of 2 people

Islands by boat

Take a boat ride to observe the flora and fauna of the 365 islands surrounding Granada. These islands are also known as ‘the daughters’ of the majestic volcano Mombacho. Observe a variety of birds.

2 hours - $ 25 p/p, minimum of 2 people.

Volcán Masaya

Get to know the impressive Masaya Volcán (day and night trip). One of the most accesible active volcano of the planet, you will see a complete museum by day or a beautiful sunset during the night tour and.... the lava glowing!!!

1h – $30 p/p, minimum of 2 people.

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