Hotel Granada temporarily closed

As you might know, there has been a prolonged period of political unrest and violence in many areas in Nicaragua since mid-April 2018. Marches and demonstrations continue to occur. While some are peaceful, the situation remains volatile and there is the potential for further violence and disorder at any time.

Unfortunately, the political unrest and violence in Nicaragua continues. The situation remains volatile with the risk of increased violence and disorder. Major routes are often impassable, supplies have become scarce and the incidence of crime has risen significantly. 
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As expected, the situation has led to a drop in tourism. As the situation is likely to be unstable for a while, we foresee a near-total tourist stop for the coming year. Without paying guests, we cannot stay open and keep paying salaries as usual.
For the moment we found a mid-way solution: we closed the hotel for guests, are cutting down operational costs and our hotel staff works part-time to safeguard the premises. Meanwhile our education project continues, for as long as we can guarantee the children’s and teachers safety.

Support our students and staff in Nicaragua

We want to ask you for your support to be able to keep our education project running and pay staff salaries during these insecure times. For this purpose we have launched a campaign on gofundme, were you can donate any amount.

The children, parents, staff and all of us at Hotel con Corazón are thankful for your support

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