Expanding our impact formula

Our name ‘Hotel con Corazón’ relates to the fact that our hearts believe everyone should get a fair chance in life. And by everyone, we mean helping as many local communities as we can in the most sustainable way. So to make an even bigger impact, we need to build more hotels that fund our development programs.

Within the next five years we’re aiming to build three more hotels: two in Costa Rica and an additional one in Mexico.
Getting curious? Discover how we’re reducing poverty by expanding our presence in Latin-America!

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Upcoming pojects

We’re excited to scale to new Corazón locations, starting in 2020. Our new destinations have similar characteristics to our current locations in Latin-America: poverty, education challenges and mass tourism.

Both Costa Rica and Mexico have beautiful areas that are affected by these challenges. And because their parks, beaches, volcanos and colonial towns attract a great number of travelers, we have spotted the opportunity to help local communities there.
Curious to our detailed-plans for these next hotels?

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Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s rural area of Rincón counts with a high level of secondary school drop-outs.  At the same time, its natural park and volcano are very popular by travellers. That’s why our new Corazón hotel will be located in Rincón de la Vieja, just across the border with Nicaragua. 

To open this new hotel, we’ve joined forces with touroperator Riksja Travel. Besides being co-investor, Riksja's large and loyal customer base will already occupy the hotel to break-even level!

Once again, to help as many children as possible, we’re aiming to build another top-performing accommodation. So if you have any ideas on how to get involved, get in touch below!

San Cristobál, Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico is a state with similar poverty and education challenges to Oaxaca. And because of its colonial charm, its lovely town San Cristobal also attracts a significant amount of Mexican, North-American and European tourists.

San Cristobál is therefore chosen to be our next Corazón destination. We’re planning to open a new Hotel con Corazón in 2021.

We are currently seeking the last investors to officially start building and open this new location. Are you the impact investor we are looking for? Discover what it means to become a social impact investor:

Development strategy

Invest in a hotel with a heart

How would it feel to contribute to someone else's future? If you are looking to invest in projects that actually make a difference,
you are at the right address. Hotel con Corazón is about to realize its expansion plans through a sustainable business model,
set up by strategists and experts internationally.

This means that within the next five years, Hotel con Corazón will open three more locations in Latin-America.
To fund the opening of these hotels, we collaborate with investors who both care for society and want to help us make a change.

Would you like to make a difference and help us grow?
Below we'll explain t what it means to become a social impact investor.

Benefit from a proven concept

In 2006, our two owners built the very first hotel in Nicaragua and developed an education program for local children. A few years later, this 3-star hotel turned into Granada’s best-selling accommodation

Thousands of travellers have already experienced our well-managed teams and boutique hotels. Touched by our story and surprised by our staff, they leave great reviews about their experience.

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Support local communities

And by more than successful, we mean making an actual impact. Through your investment in Hotel con Corazón, you help local communities beat the poverty cycle.

This means children get better education, graduate and get a real chance to create a future. On the other hand, through our new hotel you also help us create formal employment for locals.

Enjoy our growth with us

In 2006, our two owners built the very first hotel in Nicaragua and developed an education program for local children.  A few years later, this 3-star hotel turned into Granada’s best-selling accommodation.

We keep on growing with an international team of experts by now, who work on our expansion on a daily basis. We would be more than happy with your support, so if you are able to invest in a hotel with a heart, please get in touch below!