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At Hotel con Corazón, we believe everyone deserves the chance to have a future. In Latin-America, 50% of all youngsters does not finish school which makes it very difficult to escape from the poverty cycle.

That’s why we founded ‘hotels with a heart’: social hotels that invest all profit in education for students of local communities. By sleeping in Hotel con Corazón, travelers help the underprivileged to get a real chance in life.

Our concept is therefore a triple win: Children finish school, locals find formal employment and tourists experience the real culture.








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Being the only hotel group in Central America with a social impact mission, puts us in a unique position to capture the growing market of conscious travelers. Now that we’ve successfully set up the first hotels, our next ambition is to internationally scale up our impact.

Within the next four years, we will open three more hotels in Latin-America. With five hotels, we aim to serve 25.000 conscious tourists that support over 1.500 children to finish their school. And we dream big, so it won’t stop there!

  • Streets Granada, Nicaragua
  • Streets of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Hierve el agua, Oaxaca Mexico
  • Granada Nicaragua - Heritage Colonial Town
  • Oaxaca market sourvenirs


We’re located in Central-American regions where we see both poverty and increasing tourism. Working with locals and travelling a lot ourselves has given us a great nose for picking great locations.

In 2006, our two founders built the very first hotel in Granada, Nicaragua. A few years later, this 3-star hotel turned into Granada’s best-selling accommodation that helped over 700 children finish school while serving 40.000 hotel guests.

These results were beyond our expectations and prove that funding education through tourism is an incredibly successful concept. So in 2018 we opened our second hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico which became an exceptional accommodation.

Our moonshot

By 2028, we aim to have supported over 5.000 children finishing school through 15 hotels in Latin-America, serving over 100.000 guests.

On this map at the right, you can see where we're heading.

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