Invest in a hotel with a heart

How would it feel to contribute to someone else's future? If you are looking to invest in projects that actually make a difference, you are in the right place. Hotel con Corazón is realizing its expansion plans through a sustainable business model, set up by strategists and experts internationally.

To fund the construction of new hotels, we collaborate with investors who both care for society and want to help us make a change. Would you like to help us grow? Below we explain what it means to become a social impact investor in a hotel with a heart.

Benefit from a proven concept

In 2008, we built the very first hotel in Nicaragua and developed an education program for local children. Rapidly this three star hotel turned into Granada’s best-selling accommodation. 10 years later the second hotel opened its doors in Oaxaca, Mexico. This hotel too, soon received a similar status of popularity amongst travelers.

Thousands of guests have stayed at our delightful locations. Touched by our story and surprised by our staff, they leave great reviews about their experience.

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Support local communities

At Hotel con Corazón, we make an actual impact. Through your investment in our hotels you help local communities beat the poverty cycle.

This means that adolescents get a better education, graduate and get a real chance in life. Besides, your investment helps creating formal employment for locals.

  • Hotel con Corazón Granada Nicaragua
  • Hotel con Corazón Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Hotel con Corazón Samara Costa Rica
  • Hotel con Corazón Monteverde Costa Rica
  • Hotel con Corazón San Cristobal Mexico

Enjoy our growth with us

Having seen the repeated success of our impact hotels, we have decided to grow from two to five hotels in Central America by 2024. We would be more than happy with your support, so if you are interested to join the existing impact investors in our hotels with a heart, please get in touch below!