At Hotel con Corazón, we are true to our name. Our mission is to support as many local communities as we can, in the most sustainable way. So to make an even bigger impact, we will develop new social impact programs, funded by three new hotels. Getting curious? Discover how we’re reducing poverty by expanding our presence in Latin America!

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Upcoming projects

We’re excited to scale to new Corazón locations. Our new destinations have similar characteristics to our current locations in Latin America: they are situated in poorer areas, the local community deals with educational challenges, and the destination shows a solid growth in tourism.

Both Costa Rica and Mexico have many areas that meet those conditions. And because their colonial cities, parks, beaches and volcanos attract a great number of travelers, we see an opportunity to effectively help local communities.

Samara Costa Rica

Sámara, Costa Rica

Sámara is a small beach village in a paradise-like bay with a perfect mix of European, North-American and domestic tourism. In the over-exploited coastal towns in Costa Rica, Sámara is a hidden gem, known as a perfect family beach destination due to the relatively quiet waves compared to the rest of the country. It also means the village is not populated by surfer crowds, and therefore attracts tourist segments that match Corazón’s typical guests. We are looking at opening “Corazón@TheBeach” in the summer of 2024.

San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristóbal, Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico is a state with similar poverty and education challenges to Oaxaca. And because of its colonial charm, its lovely city San Cristóbal de las Casas also attracts a significant amount of domestic and international tourists. San Cristobál is therefore chosen to be our second Corazón destination in Mexico. We’re planning to open this new Hotel con Corazón in 2024.

Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica

In parallel to Sámara, we are also progressing with a second destination in Costa Rica, Monteverde, one of the prime tourist destinations in the country – with beautiful cloud forest national parks, and breathtaking surroundings and views. It’s another place where travelers can enjoy a peaceful stay to enjoy the nature of Costa Rica. We have several interesting opportunities, so we expect to have a hotel up and running by late 2024.

Invest with us

We are currently seeking the last investors to officially open these new locations. Are you the investor we are looking for? Discover what it means to become a social impact investor!