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Enjoy today, care for tomorrow

Stay in a social impact accommodation

Get an unforgettable experience and discover the true culture by staying in our comfortable boutique hotels. Enjoy your holiday while helping is make a real impact.

And support local communities

Because through your stay at Hotel con Corazón, you directly contribute to the wellbeing of local society by funding our local development programs.

    At Hotel con Corazón we believe everyone deserves the chance to have a future. In Latin-America, 50% of all youngsters cannot finish school. They have to work at a very young age to support their families who are mostly stuck in the poverty cycle. However, education is the key to build a future.

    That's why we founded Hotel con Corazón: a social impact hotel that invests all its profit in education. Interested in our approach?

    Discover our locations

    Our hotels are located in the most beautiful regions of Latin-America where travellers experience the real local culture. At the same time, local communities benefit from employment and our education programs through Hotel con Corazón. Which impact accommodation do you prefer?

    Expanding our impact

    In 2008, our two founders built the very first Hotel con Corazón in Nicaragua, investing all its profit in local education. This social impact hotel quickly became a Granada's best-selling accommodation that supported more than 500 kids in finishing their school through advanced education.
    Our next ambition is to expand our success formula. Hotel con Corazón aims to open fifteen more hotels within the next ten years - all based on the same concept: an exceptional stay for travellers that funds education for local children.

    new hotel planned for Rincón de la Viejanew hotel planned for Rincón de la Vieja

    Rincón de la Vieja

    Costa Rica

    As dropout rates of secondary schools in this area of Costa Rica are quite high, it is time to develop a new Hotel con Corazón. We are currently looking for the last investors to build another comfortable mid-range hotel to invest profit in local education.

    In Rincón de la Vieja, too few children move on to professional or higher education. Young people from this region are therefore not adequately prepared to work. Hotel con Corazón will encourage and provide support in the continuation to secondary schools and higher education.

    Would you like to support people to create a brighter future? Take a look at our upcoming projects and invest in Hotel con Corazón.

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