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A new column: every month a Hotel con Corazón tutor will tell about his or her experiences teaching our students.

Successes, difficulties, big or small, with the idea to give you an insight in the work they are doing and the progresses they make. This month: tutor Skarleth.

By: Skarleth Bermudez – education projects coordinator

Every month we meet with the parents of the children who participate in the education project of Hotel con Corazón. With this we have tried to be a space to share experiences and events that occur daily in the lives of these families. Although it is a slow process we succeeded to get an atmosphere of greater openness and we see that many of the mothers are changing, little by little. The majority of the participants are mothers.

I remember our first workshop ‘School for Parents’ in 2011 and I notice a great difference in the faces now compared to that time. From shy and reserved, being mere recipients, to relaxed and with ideas to share.

It is understandable that many of these women are not used to express what they think and feel. Most of them get the role of mom at a early age and they got to perform the tasks assigned to them according to the culture in which they live: take care of the house, the children, give their husband the attention he is asking for and at the last instance, (almost non-existent) take care of themselves.

For these and other reasons Hotel con Corazón prioritizes these contacts with the parents and mothers, to give the women the opportunity to grow and be valued as individuals. It is a great pleasure to see them enjoy, laugh, share their concerns and their joys and also feel the sense of belonging to the family of Hotel con Corazón.

Skarleth wth two of her studentsSkarleth, the writer of this article and the coordinator of our projects, has found a new job at our sister organization Empowerment International. She stopped working for Hotel con Corazón the first of May. We thank her for all her input, ideas and good work!

Next to write is Eva, the English teacher.

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