Working hard on education

A matter of perseverance

Deyvi and tutor SkarlethDeyvi (13) is one of our four students who with the support of Hotel con Corazón is studying at the private school Salesiano.

He went to primary school at Bertha Gutierrez and in the afternoon attended the tutoring and English classes from the tutoring team of Hotel con Corazón. And now he is at a private high school in the city of Granada. An adventure and above all a matter of perseverance.

At 5 o’clock in the morning the alarm wakes Deyvi, because he must be on his bike at 6, in order to be at school on time. Classes start at 6.45 am. The past few weeks his mother let him go by bus, because it’s so terribly hot and the bike ride in the drought and the dust is very tiring these days.

It is a big challenge for Deyvi to be in the classes at his new school. Most of his classmates have been in a private school before and therefore have an advantage over him. For example, he didn’t have English at school, except for the last year with Eva from Hotel con Corazón. Besides, in Nicaragua the quality of education in public schools is lower than in private schools.

Deyvi on his way to school So the first report of Deyvi was a little bit disappointing. We are working on that, starting with extra guidance of one of our tutors every week. We also offer him the use of the computer and the Internet in the hotel. At home he does not have that and he gets several research tasks from the teachers. Deyvi is also very pleased with the computer classes that he attends on Saturday mornings. Hotel con Corazón was able to start with these computer classes for secondary education early this year because we received a donation of 10 laptops. The students are super motivated. They like the classes by tutor Georleny very much.

We hope Deyvi can be a role model for other students in the communities of Las Lagunas. By showing that it is possible to study, even if you come from a poor family. We hope students like him will be making the difference in Nicaragua.

It’s still a long way to go, and step by step, we are learning what is the best way as well. Most of all, Deyvi has to show a lot of perseverance and we will help him with that as much as possible.

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