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Dynamic English classes

For two years now, we have been providing English classes for children in 5th and 6th grade in Las Laguna. My name is Eva, I’m the English teacher for the second year now, together with Mercedes Pacheco. 

We teach vocabulary, common phrases, basic structures to form sentences and questions. We do all this in a dynamic way so the children understand and retain the information better, because they are paying much more attention. The children have been extremely motivated and this year attendance and participation grew significantly.

One of our best student is called Ericka. She said that she has been learning a lot since she is in English classes because her school (in the morning) does not have English language in their curriculum. We are happy to hear this, because sometimes the children experience a lot of difficulties in learning this complete different language. And besides that, some students don’t have an easy life, helping their parents in the field or looking after small sisters or brothers. This causes that sometimes they, especially the young girls, loose themselves in a romantic story, being in love with someone much older. So we talk to the students about these subjects, explaining how important education is and trying to improve their self-esteem.

Ericka and the other students practice the vocabulary with each other, both in the tutorials and in the morning classes, according to Karla Barrios, 5th and 6th grade teacher at San Pablo.

For us it has been great to work with these students and to achieve all the small steps. It is not easy, because these students are youngsters with their moods and sometimes in difficult situation, but we are very happy doing this con Corazón! 

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