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Improving every day

Tutor Yakosha with one of her pupilsEvery month a Hotel con Corazón tutor tells about their experiences teaching our students. Successes, difficulties, big or small, with the idea to give you an insight in the work they are doing and the progresses they make. This month: Yakosha, tutor of the first and second grade.

By: Yakosha

My name is Yahoska and I am responsible for the first and second grade, the youngest students in the project of Hotel con Corazón. I’m working together with tutor Ernestina. We both offer reinforcements in Spanish, mathematics and we help children with the tasks assigned to them in the morning. A total of 40 children from the first and second grade of San Pablo and Bertha Gutierrez schools attended our tutor classes in the rural zone of La Laguna. In the course of the year we have noticed that attending our classes makes a big significance to the children and their learning is improving every day.

Develop skills
In preparing our classes, we do not think in ways of common classes, but in activities that allow children to develop their reading comprehension skills and oral and written expression. We stimulate them to use their logical thinking about mathematics, making it practical, experiential and related to their own environment. We try to make the classes as dynamic as possible. Each of the children show interest and the motivation to overcome their difficulties. Most of them live far from the school but they are present every day, without failing one time.

As tutors we feel satisfied that most of the children that could not read at the beginning of the year and had difficulties with writing, now have passed some of that difficulty, showing it in every evaluation, and they did not only improve in learning, but also in behaviour and attitude.

Grade repeaters
Pupil RicardoMost of these children are grade repeaters such as Ricardo (12 year old) and Anna (11 years), both students at Bertha Gutierrez school. When they began this year the teacher told us that they had been already 5 to 6 years in the first grade. They left school mid last year, because they did not receive any help at home from their parents as they were working all day. This year both children returned to school and attended the tutoring classes of Hotel con Corazón. In the project we also achieved the parental involvement in the children’s learning, by signing a ‘contract of support’. Soon after the start we were very surprised to see how Ricardo and Ana have overcome their difficulties and have been in classes every day. They can read now and  can perform basic math operations. Both Ricardo and Anna want to continue studying.

We are very proud of them and of all the children we work with, because we know they are making so much effort. It is not always easy to find a way to win the trust of these children and to engage the parents in taking part in the education of their children, but it is something we enjoy doing. It is an activity we carry out to serve and help others.

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  1. Brian and Nancy Davis says:

    Gracias por su trabajo duro! Los resultados son obvios!


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