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Gelga at work in her crafts classEvery month a Hotel con Corazón tutor tells about their experiences teaching our students. Successes, difficulties, big or small, with the idea to give you an insight in the work they are doing and the progresses they make. This month: profesora de manualidades Gelga.

By: Gelga Suaxi Fernandez

Craft classes have been part of the educational project of Hotel con Corazón since the project started. Once a month we change the creative class for something more serious: social science workshops. Also very enriching for the students. The craft classes are ment to develop the fine motoric skills of the children, learning to respect the contour, space, location, the lines and ability to cut any figure.

Craft classes also develop the creativity of the children and it stimulates scientific thoughts, mental development and more flexibility. It allows the children to overcome limits and they become aware of several seamless aspects of day-to-day life. And at last it promotes researching, discovering and exploring unknown areas.

In this process of creating and exploring new ideas, a set of skills is used: cutting, torning, modelling, drawing etcetera. Skills that they accomplish and improve little by little. For the children, these skills are very useful tools for future projects throughout life.
Gelga and her students

The motivation and performance of the children has been good and is improving every year. Especially arriving in time and participating actively has improved. This helps them to succeed their goal: by motivating them in different ways we hope that they will continue attending the official classes in the morning and the tutorial classes in the afternoon.

For me, as their craft teacher, it has been a great project to work with these children. Because of this I wish I could have all the children in my classes, from first to sixth grade. But I only have the first, second and third grade. Which has involved lots of work and success since these are the little ones.

The next tutor to write is Yahoska

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