Review new edition 2013

Lonely Planet: “Best Place to Stay”

Cover Lonely Planet Nicaragua 2013In the newest 2013 Lonely Planet Nicaragua edition, Hotel con Corazón is awarded again! In the Granada Chapter we received a star for Must Visit Recommendation and the hotel is featured as number 1 for Best Places to Stay.

Corazón Trips
Corazón Trips, an extra service that the hotel is offering to our guests and people not staying with us, got a good review as well. Our tours to Mombacho Volcan, Masaya, the Isletas and other interesting places are apparently highly valuated!

There is also special attention for the option to do volunteer work organized by the hotel. Last but not at least, we received a ‘green leave’, meaning that the hotel gets a sustainable or green recommendation.

We are very proud of this excellent recommendations Lonely Planet has given us. No need to say we will strive to keep this top position for the next edition and many more to come!

The new edition was published in November 2013.

Read what Lucas Vidgen, author of the Lonely Planet edition 2009 had to say about Hotel con Corazón in 2009.

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