“A one-time investment for a long-term return.” That is how we managed to raise almost 500.000 euros to buy the property and turn it into a hotel.

Major sources of fundraising:

  • Private shareholders bought shares for 500 euro a piece. The dividend consists of one free night’s hotel accommodation per year for each year the share is held. In total 200 shares have been sold.
  • Wilde Ganzen and NCDO, two large institutional donors in the Netherlands, decided to take on Hotel con Corazón as one of their projects, because they like the business aspect, the fact that the founders Onno and Marcel gave up their jobs and the fact that already at that time 50 friends had given their commitment by buying shares. Between them Wilde Ganzen and NCDO more than doubled any funds we raised via events.
  • We organized a couple of large Corazón fiestas in Amsterdam Noord and Wijk aan Zee. And we participated in several marathons with up to 100 runners during the Dam-to-Dam run in September 2007, raising 40,000 euro through personal sponsorships.
  • Several schools organized fundraising activities for Hotel con Corazón – including the NHTV School for Hospitality Management in Breda, MaasWaal College in Nijmegen, Rosa Boekdrukker school, Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Walcheren, Willem Alexanderschool. In case we forgot your school, send us an email.



How fast things can change… it seems like 2016 is going to be our year

Successful refocus of plans

hhhSince our last update in June, we have made important progress on our hotel plans. Our crowdfunding campaign has continued to be successful, with an amount of over € 100,000 on the meter now.

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