Hotel con Corozón Paramaribo: A perfect example of combined social entrepeneurship and sustainable investment

Combining a wonderful tourist location with smart entrepeneurship will lead to direct improvements of the chances and development of youth in Suriname. This is what we stand for and believe in.

Goal: Investment in education and the future

  • 100% of the hotels net profit will flow immediately back into Suriname’s economy; clear and measurable education projects will be developed to benefit youth
  • Providing internships in an inspiring international atmosphere
  • Hotel con Corazon is a sustainable hotel that provides work and income for local people
  • Professional development and certification of employees; resulting in better access to the labormarket. Increase of job opportunities through work with our hotel

Team Hotel con Corazón

What can Hotel con Corazon offer you?

Annually 240.000 tourists visit Suriname. Our 3-star hotel offers the concious traveler fine facilities at an affordable rate, for shorter of longer stays. We have about 20 comfortabele accommodations, a swimming pool, wifi and several spots to relax. Hotel Con Corazón Paramaribo has a contemporary style and will suprise you with the cultural touch in our decor.

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Our target group

Consists mainly of 2nd and 3rd generation native Dutch with Surinamese roots. Being part of the targetgroup ourselves, we know their needs and are familiar with their desires. This group is responsible for roughly 50% of the all tourist visits to Suriname. This group is still expanding and is strongly connected to this country through family ties. We see further potential among parents of Dutch interns, which remains stable (ca. 6000 Dutch interns per year) and visiters from surrounding countries and the Caribbean.

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We focus on tourists looking for a tropical destination, who choose stay in a comfortable accommodation and are happy that they indirectly contribute to a ‘ good cause ‘.

Financial figures

Through detailed research and with financial advice, we have set up a business plan, in which we state realistic assumptions about operational costs, turnover and net profit for Hotel con Corazón Paramaribo. We start from an occupancy rate of about 35% in the first year, rising to more than 50% in the third year. In the first operational year we make modest net profit, that grows with the occupancy rate. That means that reasonably soon we can make a contribution to education projects. Of course our complete business plan is available on request. We like to provide an additonal explanation and you are more than welcome to ask questions of any kind.


2014 – Attract funding
2015 - Departure to Suriname, purchase land and start building
2016 - Finish constructing, start-up and mid 2016 opening hotel


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