Ask the many tourists who already visited the country, three reasons why Suriname (‘Switi Sranan’) has a special place in their heart and they will surely tell you about:

1. The language

The unique experience to be able to speak Dutch (specially for Dutch tourists of course), even in the remotely Interior of Suriname.

2. Switi nyang, the delicious Surinamese food

The Surinamese cuisine has influences from all over the world and consists of a mixture of Creole, Indian, Javanese, Portuguese, Jewish and Chinese dishes.

Sate blauwgrond

Television programs like ‘ Back to my Roti’ of cook Ramon Beuk, have put the versatility of Surinamese cuisine on the map. Roti, bami, pom and moksi meti have left an unforgettable impression on the taste buds of tourists. In the meantime, also Dutch poffertjes and fries have made their appearance.

fresh vegetables on the market

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beautiful bird

3. Beautiful nature

Suriname has a charming and unspoiled rainforest, raging rivers, beautiful waterfalls and an unprecedented flora and fauna but also beautiful mangrove forests, vast savannas and scenic beaches. Suriname has many types of relaxation. Surinamese people are open and friendly and that makes this country a holiday destination, where you you feel welcome.

Hotel con Corazón Paramaribo is your ideal base from which you can explore the adventurous Interior, you can go shopping in the centre of Paramaribo, which is on the Unesco heritage list, but also make a trip along the tastiest dining options of Suriname, or make a relaxed boat trip on the Suriname River. In our eco friendly hotel you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, our hospitality and a drink and bit of music if you feel like it. Suriname will make you feel at home away from home!



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