Five years ago two Dutch boys opened a hotel with a heart in Granada, Nicaragua. Now, in February 2014, new social entrepreneurs give meaning to the ambition of Hotel con Corazón to expand this sustainable initiative worldwide. The goal is 10 hotels in 10 years, which use their profits for local educational projects for children. The road to Hotel con Corazón Paramaribo is open.

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Suriname has almost as much inhabitants at home as there are Suriname immigrants living in the Netherlands. Despite the increase of wealth in Suriname, the distribution is not at all equal. In contrast with the Netherlands, a large group of children lacks good schooling. Hotel con Corazón Paramaribo invests in education and helps children to build their knowledge and develop their talents.

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The Surinamese saying ‘Wan anu no wasi en baka, wan futu no kan waka na gron’ means proverbially: ‘Without reaching each other a helping hand, we are not making any progress.’ Education in Suriname needs necessary support and resources to let children finish primary education.

Being parents ourselves we know how important education is and how much it contributes to the future of children. Hotel con Corazón Paramaribo invests 100% of its net profit in local education projects and helps children to build their knowledge and develop their talents.

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We strongly believe this contributes to a society with better opportunities and thus a strong and stable future. We work together with experienced education partners, who work close with the local society. Our homebase is our relaxed, welcoming hotel in Paramaribo, Suriname, that gives visitors a complete experience. Where you will find a place for yourself, good company if you like and modern facilities to give you the ultimate holiday feeling.

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