Update from the new management

Our first month at Hotel con Corazón

After a month of talking, learning, seeing and sweating a lot, we – Joost van Duin and Geertje van der Pas – are now in charge of Hotel con Corazón. It’s an honour!

In April we worked together with managing couple Hans and Monique van Hal, who ran the hotel and education program for one and a half year and did this very well. For us a challenge trying to keep it that way, and even improve where possible.

A working day begins early here, so we start with making our own cappuccino; an easy task with the authentic Italian coffee machine. Guests are having their breakfast in the beautiful first patio and they all look very happy, which reflects on the whole Corazón-team. This is one of the most positive things of working in Hotel con Corazón: all the compliments that you receive of guests who are happy, especially with our friendly and professional staff!

After the cappuccinos we had long conversations with Hans and Monique. Joost learned all about the administration, booking- and financial system, mainly done by the reception, the heart of the hotel. Geertje visited the school projects several times, and met with La Esperanza and Empowerment International. We will focus on those subjects the coming months.

Besides that, running a hotel also means: find out how the pool stays clean, how the plants in the gardens stay alive, how the storage is maintained, what kind of official permits we need to arrange within which deadlines, how we keep everything ‘spic-and-span’, what are the operating procedures for all the activities of our staff, where we buy our products, etcetera.

Correct names
One anecdote for now: changing the ownership of our bank accounts in Nicaragua means a lot of bureaucracy: handing in many documents, many copies, each time showing your passport even if you are already well known by all the staff in the bank. Our new bankcards first showed the wrong names, then the second time again the wrong names, but almost correct. The third time the names were correct but the cards had been blocked for some unknown reason. So now we are waiting for the fourth set of bankcards. No worries, it is cool in the bank building and Internet banking is up and running.

Running Hotel con Corazón means a lot of fun, a lot of positive vibes and people and a great hobby for the coming months… We’ll keep you posted!

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