New Managers

Here’s our new management team

Joost van Duin (43) and Geertje van der Pas (42) will take over the management tasks from Hans and Monique van Hal in April 2012. Before they do, let’s get to know them a little better and talk a about their plans with the hotel and the educational program.

Congratulations on your appointment! Can you tell us about yourselves?
“We currently live in the Dutch city of Nijmegen and will travel to Granada in March. After two months of studying Spanish and getting used to the hotel we will take over the management of the hotel and the educational program from Hans and Monique van Hal.”

What will you bring to the hotel?
“Joost has a lot of working experience as interim manager in the energy industry; Geertje is a freelance developer of educational material for television. So we both have our specialization: Joost will use his experience as a financial manager in the hotel management and Geertje can leverage her educational skills in the educational program. We are really looking forward to our new jobs.”

Ideally, what would you want to achieve?
“We expect to stay in Granada for 1,5 to 2 years. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant before the end of this period, both in the hotel and in the educational projects. By teaching the staff to operate more independently of management, we aim to increase the ‘couleur locale’ of the hotel. Now, strategical decisions such as the customer focus and the optimal furnishing of the restaurant are often in the hands of management.

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