Marcel Zuidhof visits Granada

Back home again

Marcel Zuidhof back in Granada One of the founders of our hotel, Marcel Zuidhof, was back in Granada for a week. He shares his experience of revisiting ‘his’ hotel after two years!

“After not having been in the hotel for almost two years I went last august for a visit of one week. And boy, did it feel like ‘coming home’..!

The hotel hasn’t changed a bit… Well actually, it did. We have so many more guests now, enjoying our hotel. It’s full very often, but it never feels busy. The word of mouth (and word of online) has been enormously beneficial to Hotel con Corazón. So many of our content guests share their experience and attract more guests. As a consequence, I could only stay one night in the hotel, as it was fully booked on my second day of arrival!

It only took me a couple of minutes to find out why: our team con corazón still breathes this ‘family-like’ spirit, they love to make our guests feel at home, and have learned how to help (and deal with) the changing management every 18 months. Joost en Geertje have perfectly blended in in this team. The best sign was that the staff did not ask me a single question, they always approached Joost or Geertje.

Physically the hotel is in excellent shape. Almost as we left it, or as I remember it from my last visit. The crystal clear pool, the gardens greener than I remembered, the breakfast the same quality as ever, and the furniture completely intact. What a great job our carpenter did four years ago, and how well the team is maintaining all the woodwork.

All in all, it really felt like coming home again, like taking a step back in time and living in Granada again. I can recommend anybody that has been in Nicaragua or even in the hotel in the past to go and revisit, enjoy the pool and the hammock, but above all enjoy the team taking care of you so well.”

Marcel Zuidhof

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