Local entrepreneurs take over

New Management Team for Corazón

New and former Management: Marcela, Boris, Joost and Geertje Only a few weeks before our fifth anniversary, Hotel con Corazón is celebrating a novelty. For the first time in its existence the managerial team consists of two people that did not have to travel 5,600 miles to arrive at their new job.

In fact, Boris and Marcela can go to work by foot.

From La Siesta, their very own bed & breakfast, it’s only a 5 minutes stroll to Hotel con Corazón. Boris and Marcela will be taking over the management of the hotel from Geertje and Joost, who have been in charge for 2 years.

Wonderful project
“We have been in touch with Hotel con Corazón since the founders Marcel and Onno arrived in 2007″, said Boris Françoise (35), a Frenchman who has lived in Granada since eight years. “They actually stayed at our bed and breakfast when they first came to Granada. Needless to say we were also present at the opening in 2008 – La Siesta is only half a block away. We always believed Hotel con Corazón to be a wonderful project and we are very proud to be able to continue the work of the previous managers.”

Boris and Marcela Mayorga (36) first opened a small hostel in 2005 and have been entrepreneurs in the travel industry ever since then. Marcela was born in Nicaragua and has a background in social real estate projects: “Together with my family, I have lived in Costa Rica for ten years. I worked in the administrative department of a civil engineering firm dedicaded to the supervision of social construction works.” Marcela is also an active member of the local tourism board of entrepreneurs Canatur, where she actively strides against the sexual exploitation of children in the tourism industry.

They will continue to run their bed & breakfast: “Fortunately, we can rely on employees, both in La Siesta and in Hotel con Corazón. But I can assure you that we start working early in the morning”, said Boris.

Perfect candidates
Marcel Zuidhof, one of the founders of Hotel con Corazón: “We are very proud that Boris and Marcela have agreed to take on this task. First of all, because we have been friends with them since we met in 2007. But they are also the perfect candidates for this position, because of their experience in the tourist industry, social projects and their roots in Nicaraguan society.”

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