The level of public education in León is (as in the city of Granada, where Con Corazón has operated its hotel for more than 5 years) very low. The education budget from the government is limited; teachers are poorly trained and generally not motivated.

Public education in Nicaragua is free, which means that everyone has access to education. However, the additional costs of teaching materials, books and school uniforms are so high that many parents can’t afford these things. Therefore children are forced to stay at home.

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In addition, not all parents are convinced of the fact that education is important and can lead to a better future for their children. The need for the children to help in the fields or in the household is often greater. A large proportion of children attend primary education (from 6 to 12 years). During these 6 years, 40 % of the children drop out of school. They won’t attend secondary school.

In short, there is a lot of work to do to raise the education level in León to an acceptable state. Hotel con Corazón León wants to contribute substantially to better the education of children in León and the surrounding area, in order to improve  their opportunities in the future. Therefore 100% of the profits of Hotel con Corazón León will be invested in education.


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We will reach better education by:

  • giving extra lessons and homework to the children by thoroughly trained teachers
  • providing scholarships to children and young adults who want to continue their studies, but can’t because their parents can’t afford it
  • educating parents about the importance of education for their children

To achieve this we will work together with one or more existing educational projects in and around Leon. At the moment, there are several organizations already working on  providing additional education. The aim is to support existing projects, which work in an efficient way. In short, we would like to contribute financially to professional organizations so that they can expand their eductional activities. These organizations are already well known by local authorities and have the understanding and support of the local people. Hotel con Corazón will monitor the results to ensure that the funds are properly used.

Leon- kinderen bij schooltje

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