Key-rings with a Heart

Made by Corazon Contento

Last week we received new key-rings in Hotel con Corazón. Beautiful hearts made at Corazon Contento (Happy Heart), a comprehensive development centre for disabled people based in Granada. Corazon Contento is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and encourages social integration of disabled people and is working on improving the quality of their lives, and of that of their families.

The center offers various services: Stimulation and Early Attention (0-5 years), Occupational Therapy (adults over 18), counseling families, etc. The occupational therapy service aims to provide users attention so that they are emotional and psychological feeling well and get a maximum of social integration and autonomy.

One therapy is a paper workshop and this is where our new key rings in the form of a heart were made. The people in the group all have there individual task and plan of support. One person is cutting the newspaper in tiny pieces, another one is making the paper maché and a third one is putting it in a mold.
Impressive to see how these persons are concentrating on their tasks with a big smile on their face. Perfectly matching with Hotel con Corazón!

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