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Four couples are preparing to build their Hotel con Corazón. Learn more about our new hotel plans in Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Suriname.


2008. Two guys, one plan: to open a hotel in Nicaragua and invest profits in local education programs.

Since the opening Hotel con Corazón is a top tourist destination in Granada. All profits have been invested in education to support 300 children in local schools. Our next ambition is to conquer the world: Hotel con Corazón aims to open 10 more hotels in the next 10 years.


Visit our worldwide crowdfunding platform to learn how you can support our expansion ambition.


Besides crowdfunding we also seek investors to raise the capital needed to build the new hotels. Impact investors who want to split the return on invested capital in an appropriate way between themselves and the education cause. Visit our expansion website to see how you can get involved.


We continue to look for people who want to set up their Hotel con Corazón in the country of their choice. Social entrepreneurs who match our ambition and share our values. Read more about the type of entrepreneurs we are looking for.


How fast things can change… it seems like 2016 is going to be our year

Successful refocus of plans

hhhSince our last update in June, we have made important progress on our hotel plans. Our crowdfunding campaign has continued to be successful, with an amount of over € 100,000 on the meter now.

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