Group Dinner


Hotel con Corazón serves a delicious breakfast in the patio, revitalizing drinks at the bar and group dinners on request.

Get a fresh start

Every morning you can enjoy -according to our guests- the best breakfast in the region. Fresh juice, home-made yogurt, fruit, granola, tasty bread and eggs the way you like them. That’ll get you started!

Drink con Corazón

At any time of the day you can enjoy a revitalizing drink at the bar or by the pool. For those who long for a real cup of coffee, we have an authentic Italian coffee machine and use good Nicaraguan coffee beans. We also serve local beers, fresh fruit drinks and of course our own cocktail “con Corazón”.

And don’t forget to try the best mojito in town!

Group dinner

For groups of 10 or more, we can prepare dinner on request. Our ‘cook on call’ prepares special dishes with only local ingredients – freshly bought from the market or the local “fruit ladies”, for which Nicaragua is known. Let us know in advance when and with how many people you’d like to enjoy a home cooked meal and we’ll set the table for you.


How fast things can change… it seems like 2016 is going to be our year

Successful refocus of plans

hhhSince our last update in June, we have made important progress on our hotel plans. Our crowdfunding campaign has continued to be successful, with an amount of over € 100,000 on the meter now.

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