Hotel con Corazón does its absolute best to make use of locally produced goods bought at a fair price.

We are trying to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, by not using imported products flown in from elsewhere and by reclaiming whatever we can. For example, two seamstresses at a local workshop sew the colorful blankets on the beds. The tables were made from wood that was left over after the building renovations. And we sell artwork from regional artisans in our reception.

Some of the people and organizations we work(ed) with:

  • Local seamstresses Carmela and Imelda
  • Carpenters Daniel and Elmo
  • Craftsman and woman of Vida Joven
  • Knitting cooperatives from San Ramon in the Matagalpa mountains
  • Craftswomen from Zapatera Island
  • Artisanal soap makers Grupo de Mujeres La Granadilla
  • Student recycled jewelry makers from La Chureca, Managua
  • Children photographers of Empowerment International
  • Local coffee producers on the hills of the Mombacho vulcano

How fast things can change… it seems like 2016 is going to be our year

Successful refocus of plans

hhhSince our last update in June, we have made important progress on our hotel plans. Our crowdfunding campaign has continued to be successful, with an amount of over € 100,000 on the meter now.

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