Hotel con Corazón is built together with amigos from around the world. People have come to Nicaragua to get their hands dirty during construction. Others organize events or join us virtually. Corazón is not just a hotel, it is a movement. You are welcome to join too.

Here is what you can do:

  • Sleep at the hotel; you’ll contribute without even noticing, just pay the bill when you leave.
  • Buy a gift or two at the reception. The earnings go to local artisans and a small percentage to the Corazón education program.
  • Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, see us on Flickr.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Even though we no longer raise funds, we still accept any gift offered and will spend it 100% towards our cause.

And if you really fell in love and want to get involved? Perhaps you can contribute your expertise as a volunteer or perform some other type of job. Check out the vacancies.


New Board Members wanted

Amsterdam is hiring


We’re looking for new Board Members of the Dutch foundation, based in the Netherlands. Are you interested in leading our transition from a voluntary based foundation Read more