Wilde Ganzen and NCDO: our prime institutional sponsors

Carlson Wagonlit Travel: first corporate sponsor


The start-up capital to build Hotel con Corazón could not have been raised without the support of two large institutional sponsors and numerous private enterprises, over 150 shareholders, more than 200 donors and numerous friends who contributed their time and expertise. We are eternally gratefull to all of them.


The first financial step towards realizing the initial invesment capital, was convincing an inner circle of friends and family to buy a “social share’ in Hotel con Corazón, at a cost of 500 euro. The dividend each shareholder receives is one free night in the hotel per year, which amounts to an annual dividend of almost 10%. This “stock issue” was one of the main success factors in realizing our fundraising target of almost half a million euros.

Sponsors in euros or in kind

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National Award for Tourism Excellence

Winning Gueguense Awards

gueguenseThis February, Hotel con Corazón  won a National Award in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility 2016 for its work focused on education.
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