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Marcela Mayorga and Boris FrançoiseManagers Marcela Mayorga & Boris Françoise

María Belén Álvarez
Education coordinator María Belén Álvarez


When you arrive at the hotel, our local staff welcomes you. Twelve “Nica’s” ensure that you feel right at home. Together with the tutoring team at Las Lagunas they form the local staff of the Foundation Hotel con Corazón.

Some were born in Granada, a few are from out of town: from one of the nearby Islands of Ometepe and as far away as the mountains in the north. Several of our staff members have previous experience in the hospitality industry or as a teacher in elementary school. Others work in the hotel to finance their studies in accounting, law or education.


The teams works under the guidance of Boris Françoise and Marcela Mayorga, a French-Nicaraguan couple that has been entrepreneurs in the tourist industry in Granada since 2005, being  owners of a small hostel. Their roots in Nicaraguan society and their experience in tourism and social projects – Marcela has a background in social real estate and is an active member of the local Tourism Board of Entrepreneurs Canatur, that strides agains sexual exploitation of children – make them the perfect managerial team.

Education Coordinator

Psychologist María Belén Álvarez is coordinating the Corazón education program in Las Lagunas.Her work experience has been in two areas: educational and social, with children and teenagers. María: “I have learned that education is fundamental to make substancial changes in peoples lives, and as a consequence for families and society as a whole. This is why I like to teach and support people whenever I get the opportunity”.   

Other employees

On an irregular basis, we have one or more interns working at Hotel con Corazón, both Nicaraguans and from abroad. They learn from us and vice versa.


Are you interested in working for Hotel con Corazón? Check out our vacancies or send us an open application.


Annual Report 2015

Granada is buzzing!

jaarverslag-2015The ongoing operation in Granada is buzzing as always! We had a close to record revenue of USD 277,785 in 2015 and 231 students have started the new school year in January of 2016. Read more