Founders Marcel & Onno

Petra discovering Granada

Jiska and Maritza at the hotel reception

Kim at Las Lagunas


Marcel Zuidhof and Onno Oostveen are the founders of Hotel con Corazón. Under History you can read all about their adventures, from the initial dream to their return to the Netherlands.

As members of the board, they continue to be closely involved with the organization.

Current Board

  • Onno Oostveen – Business Development
  • Marcel Zuidhof – Human Resources
  • Petra de Boer – Marketing & Communication
  • Jiska van Duijnhoven – Finance
  • Geertje van der Pas – Education
  • Joost van Duin – Operations

Onno (1975), owner and director of The Brighthouse, benchmark services – “There is more to life than making money. I have traveled a lot, also in poor countries, but as a tourist you always stand on the sidelines. This time I really wanted to get involved and make a tangible contribution.”

Marcel (1965), country manager Spain at ReadSpeaker, web-based speech software – “Children who attend school develop themselves. This has a reinforcing effect on the economy and the community. The children that we support have their whole lives ahead of them to benefit from this aid. This increases the return on investment.”

Petra (1964), owner of Fibes, communication for sustainable development – “Since my work for the Dutch development bank FMO, I became convinced that a healthy private sector is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Only then can developing countries and their people participate in the world on an equal basis.”

Jiska (1976), consultant Supply Chain Management Eurogroup Consulting“I am convinced about the need to combine ‘doing good’ with a fair bit of business sense, so I was delighted when I heard about Hotel con Corazón.”

Former Board Members

Kim (1971), owner My Tree House, talent development for adolescents – “My personal goal is to make children aware of their own talents why they are on this world – including the notion that only they themselves can make their dreams come true. I believe in starting small, in a playful manner.

Bart (1957), owner of TTRAB, training, consulting and coaching for HR & organizational development – “Hotel con Corazón focuses on breaking the vicious poverty circle by enabling learning. I have the firm belief that learning is the lever for change.”

Jorma (1975), owner and director of The Brighthouse, benchmark services - “I’ve been involved in Hotel con Corazón from the start. I enjoy the combination of the good cause, the entrepreneurial character and working together with great people.”


New Board Members wanted

Amsterdam is hiring


We’re looking for new Board Members of the Dutch foundation, based in the Netherlands. Are you interested in leading our transition from a voluntary based foundation Read more