Life is not fair. Not everybody has equal opportunities. We cannot solve this inequality, but we do care. We want to help, but we would rather help people to help themselves. To develop their competencies so they can increase their opportunities.

Our mission

Our mission is to help developing countries to build a brighther future by investing in education and work.

  • We stimulate children to finish their education – all the way from primary school up to higher education – with good job prospects.
  • We stimulate local economic development by running a profitable business that creates jobs, income and professional development opportunities for its employees.

How we work?

The initial investment capital to launch the business is acquired through fundraising in “the West”. After that, the local business provides a healthy stream of income. Healthy means profitable, providing good working conditions and with respect for local culture and the environment. 100% of the earnings stay in the country and the profits are invested in local education projects. Eventually the business and the social projects will be handed over to local management.

At Hotel con Corazón, we invest 100% of our profits in education … and 100% of our energy in offering you a pleasant stay.


Annual Report 2015

Granada is buzzing!

jaarverslag-2015The ongoing operation in Granada is buzzing as always! We had a close to record revenue of USD 277,785 in 2015 and 231 students have started the new school year in January of 2016. Read more