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Learn more about the our new hotel locations in Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Suriname.


2008. Two guys, one plan: to open a hotel in Nicaragua and invest profits in local education programs.

Four years later, Hotel con Corazón has been the top tourist destination in Granada since the opening. All profits have been invested in education to support 150 children in local schools.

Our next ambition is to conquer the world: Hotel con Corazón aims to open 10 more hotels in the next 10 years. All based on the same concept: offering an exceptional hotel stay ánd gain a healthy profit to invest in education.


In 2014 four couples started their fundraising campaigns for new hotel operations around the world! Visit our crowdfunding platform to support our expansion ambition.

Your Hotel con Corazón?

We continue to look for social entrepreneurs and investors who match our ambition and share our values. Read more about the type of partners we are looking for.


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