Tutoring class at Las Lagunas

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Homework support at Empowerment International


The bulk of our profits are invested in tutoring programs that help children to improve their learning skills.

At primary school level we focus on reading and simple math, to provide the groundwork for any further learning. Because parental support is crucial for success, families are frequently visited to discuss progress and to support the building of links with the community.

We support two elementary school programs:

  • The Corazón tutoring program in Las Lagunas
  • Via Empowerment International

Las Lagunas

In 2009 we started a tutoring pilot program in Las Lagunas, a rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Granada. The Ministry of Education had asked us to get involved because school results were not improving there.

The pilot program consists of after-school tutoring classes for 60 children. Four afternoons per week the children come back to school and work in small groups to improve their reading, writing, pronunciation and math skills. In addition, they participate in a one-hour creative class and there are ball games at the end of the day for those who want to play. On the fifth day each week, the tutors go on home visits.

A group of local tutors with a background in education provide the tutoring and visit the parents. The tutors have a part-time employment contract with the hotel. They take part in capacity – building workshops conducted in cooperation with other local NGO’s.

The first reviews show that the children enrolled in the program advance more quickly than their classmates and have more fun going to school. They more frequently attend the morning classes and many of them have also improved their social skills. It is our aim to continue to monitor the results closely and modify and improve our approach where necessary as we go along.

Empowerment International

Empowerment International is a nonprofit organization active in Granada since 2003. It provides educational support to break the cycle of poverty and build more productive communities. Empowerment works in rural communities in the outskirts of Granada.

“In Nicaragua 50% of the kids that start first grade never make it to fifth grade. It is our goal to make this percentage drop significantly.”

Empowerment International involves secondary school students, who tutor children in primary school by helping them with their homework. In return for their commitment, the tutors receive funding to go to [a better quality] private school. In addition, Empowerment International performs regular home visits to support community development. Pictures taken by students of the Empowerment photography program are exhibited and sold at the hotel.

Hotel con Corazón provides ongoing financial support to Empowerment International. Details on funding can be found in our annual reports.


Annual Report 2015

Granada is buzzing!

jaarverslag-2015The ongoing operation in Granada is buzzing as always! We had a close to record revenue of USD 277,785 in 2015 and 231 students have started the new school year in January of 2016. Read more