Play con Corazón


Part of our profits are invested in extra-curricular activities because we believe that creative and physical development are essential for personal development.


The children at Las Lagunas get one hour of ‘manualidades’- class, such as painting and handicrafts, per day. Two creative tutors are available four days a week and sometimes they get a chance to work together with a local artist. Activities include: painting, making piñatas and masks, playing music, circus and theatre.

The creative activities stimulate children to expand their imaginations, to allow them to feel like a child again and be able to express their feelings. Developing social skills, both one-on-one and in the group,  is an important aspect of the creative classes. And some of the children turn out to be real artists!


The children at Las Lagunas play football and other ball games almost every afternoon. This is organized together with ‘Fútbol sin Fronteras’. Their volunteers are young Nicaraguans that love soccer and sports, who spread their enthusiasm throughout the community. As soon as school finishes, the kids start screaming: “Where is Chepe?”

The sports activities support a healthy physical development, improvement of social skills and collaboration in teams, and help to increase self-esteem. On top of that, they allow the children to just have a lot of fun together.


Annual report 2013

Another successful year for Corazón

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