María José with two of her students

Anielka working at the hotel


Hotel con Corazón supports children to complete their education all the way up to secondary school and – if feasible – university. Although for the moment our focus is on elementary education, we have started to sponsor a few exceptional students to attend secondary school or university. In return, they help out at the hotel or in the tutorial programs where they act as an example to the younger children.

Maria Jose receives 80% of her tuition costs to study accounting. In return she assists in the tutorial program at Las Lagunas for two afternoons per week.

Eva receives a full scholarship to terminate her study in Business Administration. In addition to her studies she works full-time as an English teacher and two days a month in the hotel. All her earning go towards sustaining her family.

Anielka studies turism at the university in Granada. She recently completed her three month placement at Hotel con Corazón and has decided she wants to specialize herself even more in this area. She works at the hotel whenever she can, receiving on the job training at the same time. The Foundation in return pays for her tuition.

Two high school students were sponsored to go to public school. They received a scholarship covering between 50% and 75% of their tuition fees (the maximum depends on their families’ ability to contribute). In return they assist in the tutorial program for one afternoon per week.

La Esperanza Granada

La Esperanza is a volunteer group focusing on children’s education at a basic level. Founded in 2002, they started in a small village on the outskirts of Granada and now help in seven poverty-stricken areas. Volunteers go to schools and assist the teachers, tutor young children, run sports programs, introduce children to computers and help stimulate an interest in learning.

Via La Esperanza we support Ramon (19) who studies Informatica in Granada on Saturdays. During the week he runs a project for La Esperanza teaching computer classes to elementary school children in the outskirts of Granada. He loves what he is doing, teaching children to work with computers!

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Annual Report 2015

Granada is buzzing!

jaarverslag-2015The ongoing operation in Granada is buzzing as always! We had a close to record revenue of USD 277,785 in 2015 and 231 students have started the new school year in January of 2016. Read more