Granada is the top tourist destination of all visitors to Nicaragua. It is a historic town with lots of characteristic details, good shopping, plenty of restaurants and places to go out at night.

Granada is a great city to wander around and explore on your own. Just keep your eyes open and take an unexpected turn every once in a while. And if you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask directions of any of its friendly inhabitants.

Some of our favourites:

Granada Restaurants

  • Local cuisine: Los Bocaditos, Querubes buffet, Chico Tripa
  • Healthy lunch: The Garden Café
  • Eat fish from the lake like a Granadino: Las Colinas del Sur
  • Fusion food: Imagine, Nectar
  • Traditional Granada lunch: vigorón on one of the corner stalls of the Parque Central
  • A real Nica BBQ at a street side ‘fritanga’, the best one is just off La Calzada
  • The best steak in town at El Zaguán

Granada at Night

  • One of the bars and terraces on La Calzada
  • Dancing in Doña Conchis
  • Chico Tripa No. 2 on the lakeshore
  • Party with the Managuans at ‘El Club’
  • Karaoke en Be

Granada Culture

  • Participate in the international poetry festival in early February
  • Enjoy the bulls running through the streets in early August
  • Enjoy the horse parade around August 15
  • View the processions during the first nine days of December
  • Walk the five churches route from “up-town” to the lake
  • Visit Mi Museo with a private collection of pre-Columbian art
  • Explore the ruins of the old hospital
  • Stroll with the Nica’s on a Sunday afternoon by the lake
  • Make your own pottery in San Juan de Oriente
  • Make a boat trip to the isletas

Granada Shopping

  • Stroll through the bustling Mercado de Granada (local market) and taste some coconut candy
  • Visit local graphic workshop La Sirena or the Casa de los Tres Mundos
  • Buy handicrafts from the ‘artesanos’ at the Parque Central or in the hotel reception
  • Visit the ceramics workshops at San Juan de Oriente
  • Take the “chicken bus” to Masaya to shop for virtually anything at the old market (500 meters from the new, more touristy one)

National Award for Tourism Excellence

Winning Gueguense Awards

gueguenseThis February, Hotel con Corazón  won a National Award in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility 2016 for its work focused on education.
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