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Learning outside the classroom

We believe that education is not only learning to read, write and calculate, but that it is also important to have fun during the learning process. That is why every now and then we take our students of the Bertha Gutierrez and San Pablo schools out of the classroom!

On March 21 we took some students to celebrate International Water Day. We invited 12 of our students of both schools to come with us to an event that several organizations together arranged for the people in Granada. There were recreational activities like bags running, face painting and a theatre play, and through several information stands our students learned about the importance of water and how to save water, keep it clean and filter water in an intelligent way. The reality of most of our students is that they have a couple of hours of running water a day in their homes and that they live near to a lake which still has fish, but the number is reducing quickly.


Another activity we started last year is to organize sport classes for 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school. We work together with Soccer Without Borders. This organization uses football as a catalyst for positive social change and helps disadvantaged young people overcome their personal difficulties and pursue new opportunities. Every week two girls from this organization go to our schools where they teach different fun sport exercises, meanwhile teaching two boys from the community how to manage these activities and be a leader for the students. So the students have fun and two people from the community are provided an extra job.





In the coming months we will start with creative workshops given by graphic studio La Sirena. We will keep you posted!

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