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Education is the key to a better future.

Education is one of the most powerful tools to change the circle of poverty. This is the driver of investing all profits of Hotel con Corazón Cambodia in education. We invest in the total cycle of education aiming to counter the causes. We do this by providing scholarships and starting local projects to tackle the causes.


Similar as our approach of Chance2Study, we will provide scholarships to underprivileged youths for schools and universities. With this program we directly aim for a higher number of well-educated people.

Local projects

Additionally, we target to counter the causes of poor quality of education. In cooperation with the local schools and the community we start various projects:

  • Workshops for awareness creation: improving the awareness of parents of the importance of education.
  • Teach the teacher program: improving the teaching skills of teachers, indirectly helping all children in their classes.
  • Extra classes and tuition: in cooperation with local Khmer schools aiming to decrease the dropout ratio and the retention rate.


We commit the students we support, to deploy their skills and knowledge in the community and projects we start. In this way we will engage them in helping to improve the development of their own country.


We aim to support a yearly increasing number of Cambodian children and youths:

 Year      2018      2019      2020
  Number of children/youth            200         300           400     

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