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The total investment in land, buildings and other assets is €950.000. The funding will take place through private loans, fundraising and crowd funding.

Land    € 360.000
Building    € 500.000
Other assets    € 20.000
Inventory    € 30.000
Other start up costs    € 40.000
Total investment     € 950.000


A part of the investment will be raised through crowdfunding. These propositions will be offered on the crowdfunding platform and by organizing various activities.

Additionally, fundraising will be done from companies, private sponsors, charity funds and government grants.

As proposition for (social) investors we offer a part of the investment as private loans. The principal amount of these loans may vary between €2.500 and €500.000, with annual interest of 2%, a maturity between 10 and 20 years, redemption payments negotiable.


We aim to complete the funding in 2014. In 2015 we will go to Cambodia, to acquire land and start building. In 2017 the hotel will be opened.

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