Hotel con Corazón Cambodia is a social enterprise that invests all profits in education and development of underprivileged people in Cambodia.

Hotel con Corazón Cambodia will be a charming boutique hotel with 20 detached bungalows in a relaxed and intimate setting, with a restaurant and a pool. We offer our guests a comfortable stay. Hospitality and superb service provide a home away from home atmosphere. An important value of the hotel is respect for the environment, using sustainable solutions and local resources as much as possible.

The hotel will be located in the south of Cambodia, a coastal area with authentic sceneries, beautiful rivers and national parks. This inspiring environment offers guests the opportunity to fully relax as to explore the pure Cambodia and her friendly people.

Cambodia - hotelAlike the concept of Hotel con Corazón, all profits will be invested in education, which will benefit the development of the country.

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Amsterdam Marathon 2014

Running for Corazón

Runners for CorazonLast Sunday, 50 people participated in the Amsterdam Marathon to raise money for the new Hotels con Corazón in Suriname, Cambodia, Mexico and Nicaragua. Read more