Ten years ago we, Gijs and Eva, travelled through Southeast Asia. When we came in Cambodia, we were struck by the country and especially by the friendly people. Cambodia has a turbulent history and poverty covers the country, but all the people were hospitable and willing to share the least bit of their possessions. We were also amazed by the beautiful sceneries, the typical endless rice paddies and the round sugar palm trees covering the horizon. During this first trip to Cambodia we felt we had to return to do something for this miraculous country.


In 2008 we volunteered in the slums of Siem Reap. This made a deep impression, so we decided to go back in 2009 to do more. During these stays, we revealed an intense passion for the country and the people. Eva worked a year in Cambodia in 2010 as coordinator to manage volunteers for several projects. She also organized the start-up of an education centre in a poor community.


Back in Holland Chance2Study was founded from the passion for the country and the awareness of the necessity of education. We work together to accomplish the goals of this foundation, which offers scholarships to underprivileged Cambodian youths.

The next step

Now we want to start a self-sustainable source of income to invest in education programs. This vision corresponds with Hotel con Corazón. Driven by our passion for Cambodia and our wish to help the country, we aim to start a boutique hotel to invest in education and development of the country. Together with the experience of the Hotel con Corazón community and our skills, we will make this a success.


Gijs Heuvingh (1979)

  • Masters in Business Economics
  • Executive Master of Finance & Control
  • Management traineeship with a financial services firm
  • Over 7 years of management experience
  • Experience in hospitality: restaurant, kitchen, bar and catering

Cambodia - Gijs

Eva de Hartog (1980)

  • Masters in Dutch Law
  • Congress manager
  • Volunteer coordinator in Cambodia
  • Co-founder of Chance2Study


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