Annual Report 2011

126 chances for a better future!

Hotel con Corazón Annual Report 2011In 2011 Hotel con Corazón washed 9,000 sheets, cooked 5,000 staff meals, made 1,200 home visits and the reading speed of our kids more than doubled.

2011 was another great year for Hotel con Corazón. The hotel has started to become more widely know, resulting in an occupancy rate of 58%. Our Dutch management couple and the local staff formed a good team, resulting in excellent service and happy guests.

The hotel operation made a net profit of almost $40.000 of which 37.000 was invested in various Corazón education activities. In total we provided education support to 126 children; creating 126 chances for a better future!

Would you like to read more about our efforts and results in 2011?

Download the Hotel con Corazón Annual Report 2011.

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