2011 Activities

Improving education and operations

We have been working hard this year on improving the educational program and hotel operations in Nicaragua. Here’s a short overview of our activities so far.

Homework coaching
Together with NGO Pro Mosaico we have added homework coaching and English classes to the program for our 4th and 5th grade students. Extending our focus to the students in upper grades is part of the Corazon strategy to accompany children until the end of their educational career. In co-operation with Hotel con Corazon and a local contractor, a few of our members have donated toilet and washing facilities to both schools so children can enjoy streaming water and proper facilities now.

A la carte
The restaurant has been renewed to an a la carte restaurant with typical Nica cuisine and an international twist that has proven to be successful so far. Travel agency Tree House Travels has been fully integrated into the hotel and the two local guides offer tours to experience the ‘real’ Nica way of living, i.e. join a forester during the Mombacho tour, join a local fisherman or join a workshop Nicaraguan cooking.

3rd Star
Hotel con Corazon continues to be well received by guests and travel organizations and we are very proud we received the 3rd star of INTUR, Instituto Nicaraguense de Turismo this year.

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How fast things can change… it seems like 2016 is going to be our year

Successful refocus of plans

hhhSince our last update in June, we have made important progress on our hotel plans. Our crowdfunding campaign has continued to be successful, with an amount of over € 100,000 on the meter now.

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